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Dear visitors

Travel agency Psara Travel welcomes you to Psara!


Through this website you can make your first acquaintance with the history of the island and get a little taste of pleasures that can offer you. The natural wilderness of rocks remind to visitors the history. The elusive simplicity of the scenery, being heat by the sun, promises tranquility. The narrow streets invite you for a stroll in this serene place and the gates of the houses are always open for a treat by the peaceful residents.


Climb the Black Ridge, honoring the heroes who sacrificed selflessly, worship at the historic church of St.Nicholas, the patron of sailors, feel the presence of the Virgin in the monastery, share with Psarians human words, try unique flavors, Psarian honey, the"white sweet", dance traditional dances with the children, enjoy crystal clear waters and beautiful beaches...


This is Psara island. Live them!