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General information

Psara located west of Chios, in the center of Aegean. This position has played an important role for the island, according to archaeological excavations. The island is 45 miles away from Chios port and 18 miles from port of Volissos. The area of Psara is just 42 km2, which reaches 67 kmby adding neighboring islands Antipsara, Daskalio, Ai Nikolaki and some other even smaller.


Transportation to Psara from Chios is every Monday-Thursday at 15:00 and Friday and Sunday at 19:30.


There is only one village at Psara, of about 400 inhabitants and has been developed over the old town. In the settlement there are a coast-guard and a police station, a health center and a heliport. As far as education concerns, there are kindergarten, preliminary school, middle school and high school and also features football and basketball court.


In 2004, by youth’s initiative, founded the Educational and Cultural Association "Constantinos Canaris" in order to preserve island’s cultural heritage and spiritual culture of the people. It cares for the revival of tranditions and records folklore elements. But also the habitants, which for various reasons left the island, created a strong and active link 'Brotherhood of the Psarians", which watches closely the needs of compatriots and participates in issues of the island.


The most famous product is undoubtedly Psarian honey, from thyme and heath. Try also, the famous Psarian wine, figs, sheep's cheese, but more importantly sate with fresh fish and seafood.


Finally, near harbor, you will find restaurants to eat and coffee bars to enjoy a coffee or a drink, enjoying the view of 'Black Ridge'.