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It is striking that in the island there are different types of beaches to satisfy every taste. You will find long beaches, pebbly beaches, sheltered bays and ports. These beaches are natural without any human intervention and exploitation.


On the south side of town, passing beneath the Black Ridge and heading to the church of St. Nicholas you can reach the pebbly beach of Kato Gialos.


In the opposite direction across the harbor you can find Katsouni’s beach, which located east of the village and is the most crowded one. It has sand and shallow waters. Here is organized every summer the Beach Volley tournament.



Walking on the beach is the bay of Agia Kyriaki, where you can also enjoy swimming.


Leaving the village we have two possible directions. In the first (left) that leads to the Monastery of the Virgin Mary found one of the largest beaches, Lakka. Within short distance of the beach are two rocky islands, Nisopoula and St. Nikolaki. A small peninsula separates Lakka from Archontiki’s beach. It is a beautiful beach that combines sand and pebbles. Located 100 meters from the shore is the island Daskalio. Continuing our journey we arrive in the small valley of Ftelio. There is a long beach characterized by its deep emerald water.

In the second direction (right) passes through landscapes that used to be cultivated. The Achladokampos and the Vourlies with most churches on the island. There is the beach of Limnos, a lovely pebbly beach in the harbor bay of Psara.



Finally, passing from Livadia and across the river of Limnos leads to southernmost beach of the island "The Fanari" where is one of the oldest churches, St. George.


Last but not least, it is worth it to rent a fishing boat and travel around the island to admire the cliffs and clear blue waters.